Creative art in Selenca

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The creative art in Selenca originally appeared in a shape of rustic creating. The artistic creativity showed the craftsmen in the first place,but also the other people in Selenca, cause they decorated their houses on their own. By decorating they used the slovakian folk-ornamentation. This ornamentation is defined with the flower motives and a real explosion of colours. The people in Selenca decorated the walls,space around windows, furnaces, closets, plates, bottles... Mostly in the winter time some of them made the real paintings, but they have never been exhibited. These artists haven`t got some great ambitions about it.

The first artist in Selenca was Vladimir Goda. He was born on 5th February 1940 in Selenca. He finished the elementary school in Selenca and the gymnasium in Odzaci. Later he was studying at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb, but he has never finished the studies.

As the technics he used the oil-colours, temperas, pastels, pencils... He mostly painted the village motives and nudes and he made about 150 paintings. After a hard and long disease, he died on 6th June 1989 in Selenca.

On 16th October 1988 the artists from Selenca established the Creative section by the cultural-artistic society Jan Kollar. These artists were: Anna Kocondova,Karol Burciar,Pavel Pavlini and Misko Bolf. At the same time they choosed Misko Bolf, the professor of art, as the leader of this section.

The members of the Creative section mostly painted with the oil-colours and the motives were the peysages, old houses in Selenca, portraits, self-portraits... The sizes of the paintings were various and they mostly used the canvas,but also the sololit and the board. We are talking about the realist-painters and a part of them approached even to the hyperrealism. The artists from Selenca were also drawing some illustrations, comicses, caricatures and graphic designs.


Selenca, a village on the wide plain in Backa,nestled many slovakian intellectuals. Many priests and teachers were coming,why they were the most needed to our ancestors in the new fatherland.

Jan Cajak Sr. (1863-1944) came to Selenca in 1893. He worked in Selenca as the teacher and cultural worker for 6 years. Thanks to him the slovakian culture wasn`t forgotten. His novels and stories are very significant for the slovakian literature.

On 18th July 1897 in the Cajak family the first son was born. He got the name from his father and grandfather-Jan. Jan Cajak Jr. also became a writer. His well-known novels are Zuzka Turanova (love-ballad) and Zypa Cupak (folk-comic). There are also many stories like Bata Ondriš Pazurik (social critics) and others.

Cajak`s literary talents are closely bounded with our village. Their work woke up the interest for the written word and the teachers in our school proceeded with the literary creating. Two slovak-language teachers Viera Streharska and Ruzena Simoniova created the Literary section and its members mostly wrote the verses and prose.

Viera Streharska, Ruzena Simoniova and Karol Burciar also created the school magazine Haluzka (The Twig) in 1970. Today is Haluzka a monthly and it`s technical editor is Pavel Mandac and the art-editor Misko Bolf. On it`s pages you can enjoy the poems,prose,drawings,interviews made by the pupils of elementary school Jan kollar in Selenca.