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Sport Fishermen in Selenca

Have you ever woken up the dawn alongside the water? Have you ever been watching water in the dark? Have you ever heard carp to throw out, sprinkling of water and slap of pike’s tail? What a pity! You neither heard nightingale in bush and you cannot imagine concentric circles that carp makes? Neither early morning sun has tickled your face? Yes, skylark has not wished you good morning! So, come.

Chess Club

Chess was brought to Selenca, as well as other sports, by young people, precisely students, or graduated students who came home after finishing their education.

Hunting association

In the Name of Saint Hubertus

Table tennis

irst table for table tennis was brought in Selenča in late fifties by Adam Rago, former youth activist. This fact was given to us by his co-workers and teammates.

Table was placed in premises of Cultural and Educational Society- Jan Kollar.

At first, racket was handled only by the bravest amongst all and they were just trying to control white celluloid ball. Official establishing of the club came a bit later.

FC Krivan

Main secondary thing in the world and in Selenca- football

When in Sunday afternoon on outskirts of town echoes: “GOAL!!!!” people of Selenca know that “Krivan” plays at home. In Selenca is played “fodbal”.

Right after the First World War boys from Selenca ran after ball on pastures around town. Still it was just a children’s play, which didn’t have principles of serious game.